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Donald J. Trump
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There is of course much to be said about this chart, which is quite striking, and plenty of material exists. Take a brief look at his Radix (Rodden AA) and think Configuration. We have seen the circus around Donald Trump actively performing, starting in (the latter part of) 2015.

Then we found T.Uranus in Aries, at a ReliefPoint to his strong opposition Gemini-Sagittarius, which also involves r.Jupiter in Libra at another ReliefPoint – and r.Mars in Leo (wider orb). He took the leap for President when his tense energies were flowing less strained, though still confrontational.

Such ‘coincidences’ (planetary positions) give us the insight that astrology works, though we don’t really know now why and how (operational principles), and make us continue with confidence in our craft.

As always, when I start writing, I’m drawn into the chart, and I will here delve into a further analysis (with Dynamics). I will successively revert to it as time allows. And yes, it’s time to understand more of the machinations behind presidential campaigns.

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