EgyptAir: The Radix Question

Mundane, Natal


Spurred by accidents, I have tried to dig into EgyptAir’s history. It is not necessarily as clear-cut as it may seem.

For example Wikipedia and Planespotters state June 7, 1932 as the founding date, and that is what is generally accepted across the – admittedly cursory – searches I the last couple of days have done on the ‘Net.

However, we as astrologers know that what counts is what we call established perception, or meme, not least when it comes to mundane events. What matters is what is manifested in the real world.

And the more I looked into it, the more it seems that the date May 7, 1932 is an astrological date for EGYPTAIR, regardless of general journaling. They themselves on their website adheres to that date, and many others across the web do, too, like here.

This is not to say that the history behind the June 7 date is irrelevant, only that this question is about the essence of our craft. Geoffrey Cornelius is among those who best have described what that is.

So, look at this. Can we as astrologers ignore that? It is true that EgyptAir was in its first T.Uranus return, but read about that airline’s history! Flight 804 was not their first tragic incident… The more I’m drawn into this, the more interesting it gets. I might even write a whole lot more about it.

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