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You’ll get dizzy if you start reading about the history, names, and ramifications of this phenomenon. I intentionally call it that, as this rather undefined group is a creation of the West, or say the closest allies of us here in the West. It is of our own making. If you ever should doubt it, you can do a lot of study and invest a large amount of time and energy – or you can just use your own eyes.

Do you remember the large highway exodus in Kuwait – where convoys and a large number of other cars were bombed and burned to smithers? Have you compared that to the hundreds of brand-new Toyotas that in the last few years have rolled in long rows out in the open, for an extended duration, in broad daylight – with these scary Islamic fighters waving flags and weapons? [Search ‘Islamic State Toyotas’]

Let that be for your own consideration. My errand here, as an astrologer, is to ask whether we have a chart for the ‘Caliphate Declaration’ – and yes, it may well be that we have. I can think of no better source than Geoffrey Cornelius, and we have it from he himself. For now, I give this link at The Oxford Astrologer, and we will see if I later go more into it.

In the passing, let me remind you that although we have much to gather from the archives at Astrodienst and their Astro-Databank, we have more than one example of their sloppiness at times, so you should not take all data there at face value! As always, a researcher is someone who does research independently. Look here. They even cite Cornelius. Shouldn’t they have had enough time by now to at least make a note?

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