Liz Greene on Barack H. Obama

I went to Astrodienst to see if they had a chart in their Databank. Then, via the front page’s rubrique ‘world’s best horoscopes’ – link > link – I came across this: pdf / htm. It is about the year 2011 for Barack Obama. I am fully aware of Liz Greene’s genuinely deep insights, and that this is a computer-generated analysis (details are given by ‘’ in their pages). But read that file, and you will see how ridiculously inadequate astrology can become when void of context and politically unaware. I would say that the ‘cosy’ layout of that interpretation text borders on the unethical and is irresponsible. On the other hand, you can find many examples on the web where astrologers actually do confront abuse.

2017-09-07 | 08:46 | Wheels | Vocational