Naomi R. Wolf

Day, Natal, Meme, Mundane
Naomi R. Wolf
Day Chart

Time not known
Day and place known from general sources
Moon: Sign uncertain – In Config
[Missing Birth Data]

-W- Symbolic Chart
---  [Noon positions with Sun as 1st cusp] –[Related Equal houses] –[Skewed axes]
---  (Minor bodies unsparingly) – (This is not a sunrise chart!)
-D- ---  [Noon]–[real axes]
-L- Dispositor Chain

One does not need much more to see that the basics of astrology are valid. We talk about potential on diverse levels, together with traits, so although others are born (any place) on the same day, each day chart must be understood individually.

I have briefly played dynamically with how the Moon moves during the day, and unless she is born (close after Full Moon) in the early a.m. hours, and even stronger around 3 p.m. and after, we have a strong Moon-Uranus(Pluto)-Jupiter T-square. Moon may be Taurus or Gemini (what would you’ve guessed?). The Mars square to the stellium in Scorpio is evident and goes without comment. Move this chart dynamically, and besides strong T-squares forming, you will see a constant Mars square focus (with Venus) in all her formative years, up to about 23 years old. The r.Dispositor Chain is (regardless of the Moon) dominated by Mercury & Pluto[Mars].


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