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Fjordman became one of Norway’s foremost ‘public enemies’ in 2011, and perhaps we would have expected a very dramatic Static-Dynamical Radix-Secondary situation. However, we must remember that up till then, in this context, he was a writer, a blogger, and the perceived association with Mr. Breivik was none of his fault, and it was, unsurprisingly with MSM, not real. As astrologers, we regard charts as themes, or memes.

Many tend to think that populations when given a choice follow a natural course, like water, albeit with some obstacles. Fjordman’s topics may provoke some, who generally without exception see it as an enrichment with many cultures in a society. I do find that he overall shows valid points, both now and historically, although of course diversity also implies advantages. The reptilian-brained reactions he gets in the public ‘discussion’ are not much more than pounding your opponent with a club, aroused by instincts. When it comes to arguments, I think Fjordman may have strong cards most of the time, granted that there are some critics well worth pondering. Unsure people with flock mentality are not very interesting or relevant in this regard.

Anyone with sound curiosity here has a vast ocean of text to peruse, if one so wishes. I find it striking that a person of Fjordman’s stature so easily takes the official narrative of ‘911’ at face value, and also the official story of Osama bin Laden. Only a little cursory reading shows beyond doubt that these stories cannot be entirely true. Yes, it seems peculiar, and to me at least this casts a shadow over his project.

The Moon aspects are in focus on this scene. Moon-Saturn is isolated in the Radix Dispositor Tree, which is trident. The Mercury chain, with Sun Gemini, through creative Venus, is central and dominant. The Mars-Jupiter impulse expansion may lead to unchartered waters through Neptune, leading to insight.

Radix yields no close oppositions In Config. The couple to Neptune can be justified, but with width and separation (Mercury is SD June 23 at 15 Gemini). Progressions yield many. As always, retrogradation is understood through time projection.


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