Robert Zoller, Luke Andrews, 911

[UPDATE: Zoller’s link is now void] – [Cf. Details]
In a kindred vein, in early 2014, I reread this article by Luke Andrews, posted at Robert Zoller’s website. A quick web search led me to this, but suffice for now. There is no doubt that Robert Zoller is a highly qualified and proficient astrologer, but I think we see here a risk that we all could face as astrologers. We may be so immersed in our craft, that we often don’t quite notice the very real Hall of Mirrors that surrounds us, or we just don’t have the time or incentive to peruse the political spectacle. There are many researchers who are not astrologers but are just as much concerned. A vast amount of competent commentary and detailed study exists about 911, and it is easy to find. Yes, I understand as an astrologer precisely what is meant by ‘…before the fact’, but certainly also non-astrologers did foresee what was coming to America, both corporate US and the USA. Today we can watch willed developments in that land of the ‘free’. Anyone who takes the ‘official’ narrative of 911 at face value has definitely not delved into that complex. The astrological elements, technicalities, remain clear in the charts. But, can we as astrologers always precisely define beforehand exactly what – and who – the symbols refer to?

2017-09-17 | 10:25