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Response via email is appreciated | 2019-07-05 | 11:46 | Preliminary


Wheels: Julian Assange

Natal, Meme, Mundane
Julian P. Assange
Birth Chart

Time seemingly verified
Moon: Scorpio
Charts & Data Folder
Julian Assange, Collection

Julian Assange, Radix Chart, Astrology
Julian Assange, Secondary Chart, Astrology


2018-08-02 | 21:38 | Draft


Wheels: David Bowie
David Bowie in Berlin (?)


@ Radix

# [Proposed Radix]: David Bowie
# Birth data: Known, verified – and quite uncertain.
# This chapter is an attempt to clarify.

-D- David_Bowie_Radix.sol
-D-  [open file with SymSolon]

SymSolon chart images:
-L- David_Bowie__Radix_with_main_config
-L- David_Bowie__Radix_with_Chiron_and_node


David Bowie’s birth data are seemingly documented, but are still under intense discussion.

The above thread has a discussion whether David Bowie’s r.ASC could be in Scorpio. Another comment mentions r.(DESC conj Pluto). I would say that r.(Mars conj Sun) is ample reason for the impression one might have of a Scorpio influence, though Aries is also there. With verified (?) birth hour, we here have the opportunity to see a combined Aquarius-(Scorpio-Aries) expression. Capricorn (Sun identity) sees to it that this is solid work – no superficiality here!

[By the way, who is ‘Thin White Duke (Bowie)’ in the above comment thread ?] – [Cf. ‘Inconjunct’ a.o. in same]

The whole discussion around this chart is something I will want to go more into. Shall we for now just say that most do settle for a time around 09:00 a.m. In the SymSolons above I’ve used 09:15 a.m. (as does The Oxford Astrologer).

Now, if we dynamically move the axes to the crucial a.o. ‘drug-years’ (Neptune), do the timing and interpretational symbolics then fit?

The ‘Berlin years’ 1976-1979:
(r.DESC.d conj r.Neptune)! – In Config – (ASC in fast ascension)
By moving the chart dynamically (P.29d => approx. 1976), you will see a strong aspect geometry (configuration), with a kite/opposition, with P.Neptune (as a leg) conj P.DESC in the Secondary chart (dynamical state).

You must see this! Try it – move the chart forward (one one P.year) on your computer, and see how easy it is to work dynamically, seeing the aspect patterns form in continuous change.

[(r.MC.d conj r.Mercury) sq r.Neptune] – In Config – Wide orb
In r.Stellium: applicative [r.MC.d conj r.(Mars conj Sun)] – In Config

The orb of r.MC.d through the r.Stellium-(Mercury-Mars-Sun) goes beyond 1979. In the years after (r.MC.d conj r.Mercury) we have a period of about >= 9 years, where two distinct r.Configurations, very much focused on Neptune, successively are activated by r.MC.d.

These are preliminary notes, but the possibility of a birth time is there, isn’t it?

Proposed Secondary, Major, P:1976-[79]
David Bowie – Vocational Chart

Astrology, David Bowie, Proposed Secondary, 1976

S:1947.02.06 – 09:14:59
2016 | 2018-08-02 | 21:24


Wheels: Islamic State – Caliphate

Meme, Mundane

Xxxx Xxx

Charts & Data Folder


You’ll get dizzy if you start reading about the history, names, and ramifications of this phenomenon. I intentionally call it that, as this rather undefined group is a creation of the West, or say the closest allies of us here in the West. It is of our own making. If you ever should doubt it, you can do a lot of study and invest a large amount of time and energy – or you can just use your own eyes.

Do you remember the large highway exodus in Kuwait – where convoys and a large number of other cars were bombed and burned to smithers? Have you compared that to the hundreds of brand-new Toyotas that in the last few years have rolled in long rows out in the open, for an extended duration, in broad daylight – with these scary Islamic fighters waving flags and weapons? [Search ‘Islamic State Toyotas’]

Let that be for your own consideration. My errand here, as an astrologer, is to ask whether we have a chart for the ‘Caliphate Declaration’ – and yes, it may well be that we have. I can think of no better source than Geoffrey Cornelius, and we have it from he himself. For now, I give this link at The Oxford Astrologer, and we will see if I later go more into it.

In the passing, let me remind you that although we have much to gather from the archives at Astrodienst and their Astro-Databank, we have more than one example of their sloppiness at times, so you should not take all data there at face value! As always, a researcher is someone who does research independently. Look here. They even cite Cornelius. Shouldn’t they have had enough time by now to at least make a note?


2017-07-19 | 23:41 | Draft


Wheels: CHINA

Mundane, Meme
People’s Republic of China
Present Birth Chart

Known data
Charts & Data Folder
China, Collection

CHINA, Radix Chart, Astrology
CHINA, Secondary Chart, Astrology

Radix Major: A first impression is that the Radix Aspect Configuration is rather vague, or diffuse, though there is angularity and strong focus on conjunctions. The Sun is strongly In Config, the Moon more vaguely (though in angular proximity to Jupiter). It will be important here early on to look at Harmonics – and the Dispositor Tree.

The Moon (People) at the Ascendant clearly signifies China’s official name.

Radix Minor: Close, applicative Quincunx: Moon-150-Uranus


2017 | 2019-01-07 | 20:42 | Draft


Wheels: EgyptAir – The Radix Question

Spurred by a post by Paul Saunders, I have tried to dig into EgyptAir’s history. It is not necessarily as clear-cut as it may seem.

For example Wikipedia and Planespotters state June 7, 1932 as the founding date, and that is what is generally accepted across the – admittedly cursory – searches I the last couple of days have done on the ‘Net.

However, we as astrologers know that what counts is what we call established perception, or meme, not least when it comes to mundane events. What matters is what is manifested in the real world.

And the more I looked into it, the more it seems that the date May 7, 1932 is an astrological date for EGYPTAIR, regardless of general journaling. They themselves on their website adheres to that date, and many others across the web do, too, like here.

This is not to say that the history behind the June 7 date is irrelevant, only that this question is about the essence of our craft. Geoffrey Cornelius is among those who best have described what that is.

So, look at this. Can we as astrologers ignore that? It is true that EgyptAir was in its first T.Uranus return, but read about that airline’s history! Flight 804 was not their first tragic incident… The more I’m drawn into this, the more interesting it gets. I might even write a whole lot more about it.

2017-09-07 | 13:29 | Wheels


Wheels: FRANCE_V

# [Draft]: FRANCE – République V
# Birth data: Known and valid

A precise time for this birth chart is not universally agreed upon – though a commonly accepted ground is the new Constitution & affixing of seal:

Paris: 1958-Oct-05   00:00 CET – New Constitution comes into effect
Paris: 1958-Oct-06   18:30 CET – Affixing of seal

--- To me, it seems that 18:30 fits well
--- (Some use the 1792-chart)

-L- Radix: France_V.sol
-W- Radix: Astrodienst Chart

-W- –[Indian/Sidereal]
Jean-François Faccin uses 18:20 MET/CET, and Beatrice Boucher uses 18:21 MET/CET (the latter gives references).

-W- — Cf. Comment: Jean Funken 12:49 pm
-W-( — Cf. Comment: Pat 8:36 pm

We have an exact time range between 18:20 and 18:35. The data are clear and solid, and we have an applicable mundane chart. This is an ideal situation for a test. Other branches of astrology must be evaluated by their own principles. My goal here is solely to demonstrate the inherent simplicity of the Static-Dynamical model.

There will be many Dynamical Angular Primary Directions to consider here, in France’s Radix. I will start with the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris on January 7, 2015. By progressing the 18:30 Radix chart, we see (r.IC.d)-conj-(r.Pluto) In Config. We know that (r.IC.d) will ‘hit home’, and here we also have (r.IC.d)-square-(r.Mars).

We must check other factors before we can rectify the chart with certainty, but the timing and interpretational relevance is close enough. There will always be a variant orbis, regardless of which directional  ‘key’ one applies – and, importantly, all astrological prognostical/retrospective analysis refers to a period, a time interval, which again may be more closely pinpointed by secondary progressions, not the least P.Moon, slow transits – and even swift significatory transits. Some astrologers may use still more variables, of which some are purely symbolic. My method is adhering to Nature as she presents herself to our senses. A long-duration direction needs a ‘trigger’, and that is what we’re looking for in all such cases.




Mundane, Meme
Germany (Reunification)
Present Birth Chart

Known data
Charts & Data Folder
Germany, Collection

GERMANY, Radix Chart, Astrology
GERMANY, Secondary Chart, Astrology

There will be other German charts to consider, but let us start here. Angularity. First impression: A rather uncommon, bisected main configuration. Minor: Close, separative Quincunx: [Mars]-150-[Neptune (in Stellium)]. Radix Moon: In Config.


2017-09-21 | 15:43 | Draft


Wheels: ISRAEL

Mundane, Meme

Present Birth Chart

Known data
Radix Moon: Stellium, Angular, Config:Vague
Charts & Data Folder
Israel, Collection

ISRAEL, Radix Chart, Astrology
ISRAEL, Secondary Chart, Astrology


2017 | 2019-01-09 | 22:40 | Draft


Wheels: Alex Jones

Day, Meme, Mundane, Natal

Alex E. Jones

Charts & Data Folder

Temporary Insert – Pending

DAY Meme-Natal Chart

# [Link]: Alex E. Jones
# Public figure
# Birth data: Day and place known from general sources.
# Moon: Sign uncertain – In Config
[Meridian Chart & Analysis] –[Sun on MC] –[Campanus] –[Real axes]


2017-07-20 | 11:26 | Draft



Mundane, Meme
The Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Present Birth Chart

Known data
Radix Moon: In Config
Charts & Data Folder
Myanmar, Collection

MYANMAR, Radix Chart, Astrology
MYANMAR, Secondary Chart, Astrology


2017-09-21 | 19:06 | Draft |-| Myanmar | Burma | Yangon=Rangoon


Wheels: Barack H. Obama

POTUS Meme Chart

It is somewhat surprising that the astrological community in general seems to be unaware that there are well-documented and good reasons to doubt the authenticity of what is commonly referred to as Barack H. Obama’s birth certificate. Also Astro-Databank at Astrodienst adopts the gamut. The whole charade around his background is riddled with inconsistencies. It must be up to the reader whether to discern and invest effort in research.

As yet, we do not have the information necessary to with confidence erect the Radix of Barack H. Obama. Therefore, an astrological interpretation cannot detail his personal traits and potential in a psychological sense.

However, at the very core of astrology, we do have a valid chart – namely the established perception of a birth chart. We have a kaleidoscopic meme that can be considered in collective mundane and symbolic terms.,_Barack

The nature of this chart type implies that it is self-referential. In this case, with the deception involved, we would expect a prominent Neptune – and yes, it is culminating. There is a telling applicative r.(Mercury sq Neptune), and the applicative r.(Venus trine Neptune) adds to the ease of purveying an illusion – although it is not so easy after all with Neptune in T-square, and separative (retrograde) Jupiter approaching Saturn.

The configuration is strong and integrated – all the main r.factors are In Config; none are in isolation. There are angularities. The Moon is strong by orb and angularity. There is complexity in the aspect pattern. As always, one might argue orbs and directional motion, but I will say that the r.(Mercury conj Sun) is holding that part of the picture together and yields orb allowance to the T-square.

There is a clear emphasis of the western half of this chart, and there are symmetries and midpoint trees. Sun-(Venus/Mars) is exact. A Janus face?

Mars is the only ‘personal’ planet above the horizon, in close applicative trine with r.(Saturn conj Jupiter). The r.(Sun sq Neptune) is separative, which makes it hard in the long run to uphold & deceive. On an interpretational level, this is striking. The Sun by orb has no other main aspect! Where is this man, this POTUS? The theme is Disconnectedness – a gap between apparition and consequence. What is the intention? Who is in charge?

The r.Dispositor Chain has two parts, split between and dominated by domicile Sun and by domicile Saturn. Saturn is separated from the rest, alone. Is there an integrated structure, a constructive discipline? The chain from Sun has two pathways: One string ends in Jupiteresqueness through Uranus (which may entail ‘change’ – and unaccountability); and the other string is through Mercury, with its Rhetoric. The aspect triangle Moon-Mercury-Jupiter is important here, as it illustrates the initial popular appeal (the Moon is at the ReliefPoint to the opposition), but again, Saturn is also there. Does it last? Where is the substance? I think that Mercury’s three substrings are self-explanatory in this context – again we see Venus/Mars duality (Venus through the Moon, popular appeal) – and the potent Pluto, though generational, ends up with Neptune. It is notable that the Dispositors in a separate way are rooted in Center and Periphery, heart and skin, Sun and Saturn, and that the latter is stale, lacking a string of expression. (Mars: Yes, we can.) (Neptune: Hope, Something to believe in.)

The Nobel Peace Prize finally lost its credibility with Barack H. Obama, notwithstanding some other laureates. Besides, I believe that a man with real integrity in that situation would have said ‘thanks, but no thanks’.

The above analysis is not meant to be slanted. This is not a nativity! The geometrical figure is rich and full of possibilities. For now, I have looked at hope and reality. And one certainly does not recognize the young presidential candidate and his promises.


Vocational Meme Chart
Barack H. Obama

Astrology, Barack H. Obama, Radix-Meme, Major

Radix-Meme, Major
2016 | 2017-09-28 | 21:46


Wheels: Vladimir Putin

Meme, Mundane, Natal

Xxxx Xxx

Charts & Data Folder

Temporary Insert – RUS_Sheet – Pending

Radix, Major

Secondary, Major, 2012

-D- SymSolon: V_Putin__Radix.sol


2017-07-17 | 20:38 | Draft


Wheels: Donald Trump

Natal, Meme, Mundane
Donald J. Trump
Birth Chart

Known data
Radix Moon: In Config
Charts & Data Folder

Donald Trump, Radix Chart, Astrology
Donald Trump, Secondary Chart, Astrology

There is of course much to be said about this chart, which is quite striking, and plenty of material exists. Take a brief look at his Radix (Rodden AA) and think Configuration. We have seen the circus around Donald Trump actively performing, starting in (the latter part of) 2015.

Then we found T.Uranus in Aries, at a ReliefPoint to his strong opposition Gemini-Sagittarius, which also involves r.Jupiter in Libra at another ReliefPoint – and r.Mars in Leo (wider orb). He took the leap for President when his tense energies were flowing less strained, though still confrontational.

Such ‘coincidences’ (planetary positions) give us the insight that astrology works, though we don’t really know now why and how (operational principles), and make us continue with confidence in our craft.

As always, when I start writing, I’m drawn into the chart, and I will here delve into a further analysis (with Dynamics). I will successively revert to it as time allows. And yes, it’s time to understand more of the machinations behind presidential campaigns.



2017-09-21 | 17:38 | Draft, 2016


Wheels: TURKEY

Mundane, Meme

Xxxx Xxx

Charts & Data Folder

Temporary Insert – Pending

As you may have guessed, I’m going to get into the Turkish Circus.
Do we now have new arguments for inviting more influence therefrom?

# [Sheet]: TURKEY

Radix, Major – Cyc 1, Har 1
Secondary 2012, Major, Wide orbs


2017-07-17 | 20:56 | Draft



Mundane, Meme
Present Birth Chart

Known data
Charts & Data Folder
Ukraine, Collection

Temporary Insert

# Radix: December 1, 1991
# In Config

Astrologically, the Ukrainian situation (crisis) the last few years has been very clear in the December 1 Chart. But can I through astrology alone say for sure which precise countries are most active in the game?

T.Uranus conj r.MC
T.Pluto conj r.(Uranus conj Neptune) --[in T-square with r.MC & r.Moon]


2017-09-22 | 11:53 | Draft


Wheels: The Vatican

Meme, Mundane
The Vatican
Present Birth Chart

Known data
Radix Moon: In Config
Charts & Data Folder
The Vatican, Collection

The Vatican, Radix Chart, Astrology
The Vatican, Secondary Chart, Astrology

Basically a Meme, though ‘City State’
Minor: Close, separative Quincunx: Saturn-150-Jupiter


2017 | 2019-01-09 | 23:10 | Draft


Wheels: Naomi Wolf

Day, Natal, Meme, Mundane
Naomi R. Wolf
Day-Meme Birth Chart

Time not known
Day and place known from general sources
Moon: Sign uncertain – In Config
[Missing Birth Data]

-W- Symbolic Chart
---  [Noon positions with Sun as 1st cusp] –[Related Equal houses] –[Skewed axes]
---  (Minor bodies unsparingly) – (This is not a sunrise chart!)
-D- .sol
---  [Noon]–[real axes] – (Open with SymSolon)
-L- Dispositor Chain

One does not need much more to see that the basics of astrology are valid. We talk about potential on diverse levels, together with traits, so although others are born (any place) on the same day, each day chart must be understood individually.

I have briefly played dynamically with how the Moon moves during the day, and unless she is born (close after Full Moon) in the early a.m. hours, and even stronger around 3 p.m. and after, we have a strong Moon-Uranus(Pluto)-Jupiter T-square. Moon may be Taurus or Gemini (what would you’ve guessed?). The Mars square to the stellium in Scorpio is evident and goes without comment. Move this chart dynamically, and besides strong T-squares forming, you will see a constant Mars square focus (with Venus) in all her formative years, up to about 23 years old. The r.Dispositor Chain is (regardless of the Moon) dominated by Mercury & Pluto[Mars].


2019-07-04 | 13:38 | Draft | Preliminary Insert

Response via email is appreciated | 2019-07-06 | 10:20