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Mundane, Meme
People’s Republic of China
Present Birth Chart

Known data

CHINA, Radix Chart, Astrology
CHINA, Secondary Chart, Astrology

Radix Major: A first impression is that the Radix Aspect Configuration is rather vague, or diffuse, though there is angularity and strong focus on conjunctions. The Sun is strongly In Config, the Moon more vaguely (though in angular proximity to Jupiter). It will be important here early on to look at Harmonics – and the Dispositor Tree.

The Moon (People) at the Ascendant clearly signifies China’s official name.

Radix Minor: Close, applicative Quincunx: Moon-150-Uranus


2017 | 2019-01-07 | 20:42 | Draft




# [Draft]: FRANCE – République V
# Birth data: Known and valid

A precise time for this birth chart is not universally agreed upon – though a commonly accepted ground is the new Constitution & affixing of seal:

Paris: 1958-Oct-05   00:00 CET – New Constitution comes into effect
Paris: 1958-Oct-06   18:30 CET – Affixing of seal

--- To me, it seems that 18:30 fits well
--- (Some use the 1792-chart)

-W- Radix: Astrodienst Chart

-W- –[Indian/Sidereal]
Jean-François Faccin uses 18:20 MET/CET, and Beatrice Boucher uses 18:21 MET/CET (the latter gives references).

-W- — Cf. Comment: Jean Funken 12:49 pm
-W-( — Cf. Comment: Pat 8:36 pm

We have an exact time range between 18:20 and 18:35. The data are clear and solid, and we have an applicable mundane chart. This is an ideal situation for a test. Other branches of astrology must be evaluated by their own principles. My goal here is solely to demonstrate the inherent simplicity of the Static-Dynamical model.

There will be many Dynamical Angular Primary Directions to consider here, in France’s Radix. I will start with the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris on January 7, 2015. By progressing the 18:30 Radix chart, we see (r.IC.d)-conj-(r.Pluto) In Config. We know that (r.IC.d) will ‘hit home’, and here we also have (r.IC.d)-square-(r.Mars).

We must check other factors before we can rectify the chart with certainty, but the timing and interpretational relevance is close enough. There will always be a variant orbis, regardless of which directional  ‘key’ one applies – and, importantly, all astrological prognostical/retrospective analysis refers to a period, a time interval, which again may be more closely pinpointed by secondary progressions, not the least P.Moon, slow transits – and even swift significatory transits. Some astrologers may use still more variables, of which some are purely symbolic. My method is adhering to Nature as she presents herself to our senses. A long-duration direction needs a ‘trigger’, and that is what we’re looking for in all such cases.




Mundane, Meme
Germany (Reunification)
Present Birth Chart

Known data

GERMANY, Radix Chart, Astrology
GERMANY, Secondary Chart, Astrology

There will be other German charts to consider, but let us start here. Angularity. First impression: A rather uncommon, bisected main configuration. Minor: Close, separative Quincunx: [Mars]-150-[Neptune (in Stellium)]. Radix Moon: In Config.


2017-09-21 | 15:43 | Draft



Mundane, Meme
Present Birth Chart

Known data

ISRAEL, Radix Chart, Astrology
ISRAEL, Secondary Chart, Astrology

Radix Moon: Stellium, Angular, Config:Vague

First thing I would look for in the chart is ‘anachronism’
Furthermore: tribalism, apartheid, etnocentricity, narcissism

2016 | 2020



Mundane, Meme
The Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Present Birth Chart

Known data
Radix Moon: In Config

MYANMAR, Radix Chart, Astrology
MYANMAR, Secondary Chart, Astrology


2017-09-21 | 19:06 | Draft |-| Myanmar | Burma | Yangon=Rangoon



Meta: Vladimir Putin

Meme, Mundane, Natal

Xxxx Xxx

Temporary Insert – RUS_Sheet – Pending

Radix, Major

Secondary, Major, 2012


2017-07-17 | 20:38 | Draft




Mundane, Meme

Xxxx Xxx

Temporary Insert – Pending

As you may have guessed, I’m going to get into the Turkish Circus.
Do we now have new arguments for inviting more influence therefrom?

# [Sheet]: TURKEY

Radix, Major – Cyc 1, Har 1
Secondary 2012, Major, Wide orbs


2017-07-17 | 20:56 | Draft



Mundane, Meme
Present Birth Chart

Known data

Temporary Insert

# Radix: December 1, 1991
# In Config

Astrologically, the Ukrainian situation (crisis) the last few years has been very clear in the December 1 Chart. But can I through astrology alone say for sure which precise countries are most active in the game?

T.Uranus conj r.MC
T.Pluto conj r.(Uranus conj Neptune) --[in T-square with r.MC & r.Moon]


2017-09-22 | 11:53 | Draft


Meta: The Vatican

Meme, Mundane
The Vatican
Present Birth Chart

Known data
Radix Moon: In Config

The Vatican, Radix Chart, Astrology
The Vatican, Secondary Chart, Astrology

Basically a Meme, though ‘City State’
Minor: Close, separative Quincunx: Saturn-150-Jupiter


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