The Flat Earth Farce: Antarctica is the Crux


This page has some value as to recent history. However, the whole FE scenario/community is now defunct and ridden with conflicts. The following text originally had some merit, but it is now being edited and rewritten in the past tense. Regard this page as a transient layout!

2018: Antarctic circumnavigation
Measured distance
Katharsis II


The Bastion: Dilemma or Solution?


Antarctica is being Unveiled
FE concepts are disproved by ground Facts



Part One


People are reacting. The stale arrogance from some quarters can be appalling. The public has every right to demand answers. Pure scientism and orthodoxy is well known through history, and financial dependency is a core element.

We are witnessing a fast-growing number of people who no longer trust established institutions. Many are well aware of the vast amounts of funding involved.

One such focus is that we have not yet seen indisputable, observable evidence as to every claim and how regarding Earth, Moon, and orbiting satellites – live footage of our vicinity in situ as seen from Space at a distance. With the present technology, ~50 years after 1969, feeble excuses for the lack of real, convincing photographic documentation are not acceptable or credible. The public does not know with certainty the mechanics of what is there.

That the ‘Net contains a very large number of posts regarding what can loosely be referred to as ‘Flat Earth’, testifies to that fact.

Here, I focus on one direct, logical approach, avoiding complications as to ‘real’ images from agencies like NASA – as well as to irrelevant beliefs.


Initially, the Questions about Space, curvature, or potential machinations are in effect redundant. Every FE tenet can definitively be disproved when we can demonstrate that it is possible to cross the whole width of Antarctica by land, from a shoreline to the coast on the opposite side of the continent – by what most people will perceive as a straight North-South-North, or longitudinal, path from one ocean to the next.

We should be able to approach the South Pole by land, or by air near the ground, from diametrically opposed coasts of Antarctica. Can we not succinctly show that it is feasible? Has it ever been done? As described below – yes.

The geographical concepts will be different for a Flat-Earther, but the principles and arguments are clear and coherent. Valid, fundamental points are being raised. They remain unanswered and unresolved. Therein lies the crux.

We don’t need the ramifications of speculation, religion or other belief systems. We need terrestrial, impeccable proof – an irrefutable, conclusive response to a single, simple challenge.


Part Two

Diametrical Land Crossing of Antarctica

Basic FE concepts have long since been definitively invalidated by terrestrial variables alone.

My fascination with the whole FE scenario stemmed primarily from its relevance to my own craft. In this context now, I will leave to others the specific questions pertinent to space agencies or possible divergent machinations.

The whole social ‘Net space as such is often somewhat infantile – plus fragmentation and diversion from real issues. Intentional, paid trolling. Injection of false models. As to FE, there still are fascinating arguments which would have had impact in a better (political) context. The reason that I’ve written much about it is that Norway has a stake and a long history in Antarctica.

What may be lesser known, is that Quora contains a considerable amount of posts and (competent) answers regarding FE and similar questions. A thread about curvature is here.

A couple of links just to indicate my current focus:

The Longest March
Rune Gjeldnes, 2006
The area on the peninsula side is well covered. Therefore this path can be seen as diametrical.

Antarctica, Rune Gjeldnes


Rick Potvin

Antarctica, Flat Earth



Part Three

Challenging your Flat Earth Fallacies!

(And your Handlers)

Real Astrologers are in a good position to counter FE claims. Most of us are independent from rigid structures, and our role is to observe. We see actors on stages. Astrology is at a vantage point.

FEIC did it for me. The subject is hijacked. The question now is which forces are behind, and what are the intentions?

More Land! Cross the ice plains and find hidden land! says another charlatan in his playground. It is already shown, without intricacy, that The Ice Ring is not a Reality.

Antarctica is key to every FE delusion. Antarctica is a bastion to be unveiled. There are many reasons to take a parallel look at Antarctica. The scope and importance is defined earlier in Soria Moria.

Some may not yet fully know the surreal proportions and how all-encompassing the ruse is. I’m going to unravel it. Logic and ordinary, accessible means shall be the only prerequisites.

The Antarctic Midnight Sun is first in line. We will see if it can be documented by everyone without any need for equipment.

Le retour du jour polaire
Le soleil ne se couchera plus en Terre-Adélie pour l’année 2017.

Antarctica, Soleil-Lune



Part Four

Genuine or Spurious Land Crossings of Antarctica?

(Of the whole Continent)

Has a longitudinal land crossing of the whole of Antarctica, or approaching the South Pole from opposite sides of the continent, ever happened? Yes, as shown above, a diametrical land crossing was completed in 2006.


These are examples of what we normally are presented with:

Spurious or Genuine Land Crossing of Antarctica


Spurious or Genuine Land Crossing of Antarctica


Clicking the above images takes you directly to two sources of information. Both serve here as a starting point.

My main errand is finding out if and when there ever has been, or will soon be, genuine longitudinal land crossings of the whole width of Antarctica, as described in this page. I will delve further into the whole meta scenario, with constituents. This outline will be enlarged upon, with far more coordinated documentation.


Truthstream Media:
Antarctica Is the Key to Controlling the Weather


Truthstream Media:
The Real Secrets Hidden in Antarctica…


Ken Ham:
Astronaut Barry E. Wilmore

The Flat Earth Farce Resolved?


Although I’m wary of people who smile or grin too much, and though much of organized Christianity often makes me cringe, I think it is inconceivable that Barry E. Wilmore is openly lying about his experiences as an astronaut. In this setting, with knowledge of profound faith, we cannot disregard what this man is saying. There is no deception here. We don’t need endless, divisive speculation. As it is, Flat Earth communities have now become degenerate – a farce. There are exceptions, and we may still retain some arguments in their wake that are worth considering. As to the political-financial spectrum, we are then less prone to be duped.


Southern Lights – Aurora Australis 

Flight to the lights, Cockpit view (Raw footage)
Ian Griffin:

Flight to the Lights – Public Group:
Ian Griffin:


European Space Agency, ESA:
Space debris – a journey to Earth

In situ? Actual?


Purported Satellite Photo



Conclusion: Flat Earth is Impotent!


After over a couple of years having closely watched this theater unfold, and lately having tested waters some more, my stance is that political stout overall is evidently lacking. Here is described a viable route to take if we wanted to cringe the NSA somewhat. It is the same regarding NASA. There is one solution to the whole charade, and that is the route not definitively chosen by the ‘flat earthers’ as a group: We want that Real footage of the hovering Earth! It should obviously be easy enough to obtain within a short time span, and it would have enormous advantages for all parties, in every thinkable way. That would give us a conclusive answer. So why don’t we demand it? Is it not public money? Ours?

It ought not to be unknown that Money is an illusion – what Rulers do is stealing our property and from that creating Real wealth and gluttony for themselves. Who are financing these space activities? Who’s ‘money’ is it?

Isn’t it safe to say now, that the momentum we see growing consists of millions of people – more or less informed, but active in some way? I appreciate the work all overall do – it is amazing and impressive.

There is not a lot more I could say here at this point. Hopefully, someone will take the baton, so conveyed to communities, all can move on. I want to move on.

The described first-hand experience of direct Censorship from people close to NASA is surprising. There are no objective reasons. A nerve is hit. The arrogance is explicit. Such are their manners. It is political and oppressive. I have said nothing that is not straightforward and factual. Scrutiny of intricacies and deception is definitely important, and no-one else but ourselves are going to effect it.

In future days my main focus will rather be examining ‘evidence’ from ‘globers’ – I think that is the best way for scientifically minded me – and the express lane. The ball and burden of proof are clearly on them – they have the levers. Look here. Evidence?

Instead of digging into positions and bury oneself in endless speculation and self-serving tangents – what if these flat millions stood up together and potently wanted the true answer – the only short-term solution there is to this suspense? The main point: Real footage of the whole, spinning Earth seen from space at a distance. Proof of veracity. We may have seen planets all the way out to Pluto – but not our Earth. Why?

That would be what determined political action is – in the same way that we in unison could hinder water flowing to satisfy the Octopus.

Are we millions? No?

A certain tendency among ‘clickers’ is coined ‘Click & Run’. That is when they come to blogs and fast-read a page or two – and leave. They do not follow links therein, they do not read the context.

Here is an example of the level of Intelligence I have met as a reply to a YT comment I made, also containing reference to decent people:

xxxxx xxxxx 20 hours ago  (names & identifier x-ed out)
“haha, just went on your ‘blog’ — there is nothing I would even remotely describe as “content”. Jan, I understand how so many people are waking up and yearning for the truth. It’s a free world and I am open to hearing every unique idea. Believing and knowing are different things remember. Nonetheless, Flat Earth cannot be substantiated as well as xxxxx in terms of alternative world views. Unfortunately there are hucksters like xx in Flat Earth who have no idea what they are talking about. It just bugs me that these douche bags use their passive aggressive political correctness B.S. to trap little old ladies. As I would say to xx or any of these people — truth much? Peace”

It is fair to say that at least half of YT comment threads are infantile, or just intentional trolling. As it has always been, the Rulers strive to divide the ‘populace’ into small, disconnected groups, quarreling among themselves about minutiae – or personal chemistries. We all know that. The whole Internet is hijacked it such a way. Some of us are old enough to remember how it started – before vital information was hidden in enormous amounts of indifference – or everything else. If you can find it at all.

We also see that some strong proponents in the actual Flat Earth movement (sic) sometimes act silly. Does that further the goal, if there is any?

Many know that this Flat Earth Society has little or no relevance to the topics discussed here – or has it? Try searching the Web for ‘Flat Earth’ and see what comes up most prominently.

Meanwhile, let us ponder about the commentator who said that obtaining Real footage of our Earth would be so expensive that it would not be accepted among taxpayers. The quick answer is that we already know that trillions are missing – vanished into hidden accounts.


Antarctica: We ourselves can solve the riddle!


The time is ripe. Much of our understanding of Reality now depends on the unanswered Questions that lately have been raised about Antarctica. What do we actually know about it? Have we actually seen the magnificent sceneries that we know exist there? Or don’t know. It is a vast expanse.

During the last couple of years, the necessity of a close scrutiny has become abundantly evident. Those who are aware know that the discussions now exist on several levels, with several layers and far-reaching ramifications.

I have put forth some thoughts and statements under Earth – and it is fundamentally immaterial and irrelevant which box some people may want to designate. This situation is tangible and not convoluted. It is quite simple:

One thing alone can answer all pending questions: Let us have Real live footage of the whole, spinning Earth seen from space at a distance – we do not any longer buy into composites, frames, or CGI pictures. There is no doubt that our technology & funding after 50 years since 1969 is well able, or is it?

By the same token we would see – in situ – photos & videos of the swarms of orbiting satellites and debris. No-one that I know of has ever seen such factual documentation.

There is more to this, but let it suffice for now.  We could start discussion threads with resolve. We are the ones who should persistently ask until we have the answers – in toto!  (And don’t even bother with Google Maps – they clearly do not intend to show us what Antarctica is about).

What has made me embark on this route is threefold: Following and studying what is happening – reading and watching. Seeing what has befallen Berserk and Norwegian Jarle Andhøy. Knowing that my country Norway has a stake in Antarctica.

What has made me confident and in a frank manner attach effort to this, is the observation that others with no tinfoil have done the same. I am a bit surprised by which solid, agile websites are already asking in a related, similar way. Simply asking.

The implied perspectives will initially include Questions about:

Space activities
Geopolitics & Resources
Military policing
Integrity of Media
Our Earth

Genuine response will give us conclusive and satisfying evidence and rest in a discourse that is actively up in many Quarters – with a large number of people involved. It is inferred that too many indices point against official narratives. Mainstream storylines and fragmented diversions seldom match what we can deduct ourselves.

We only need one or two convincing and unambiguous proofs of veracity. It’s our money, anyway.


Antarctic Stations, Agencies and Operations

Let’s go and understand what Antarctica is all about

Interesting place, obviously.
Programs and Intentions

A Critical Analysis

Antarctic Treaties, MPA, Mapping, and purposes today

Do we have topographic maps of the whole of Antarctica?

The whole width

A close look at Governmental Agencies and Flat Earth tenets

Norway is an integral part of this scenario. Investigating the unanswered and unresolved Questions about Antarctica will be a project to be pursued here.

Traffic: Sea/Air/Land/Space/Installations

Polar Flights
Ocean, Circumnavigation

Prominent visits to Antarctica


Polar satellites orbiting Earth

Let’s find them


Satellites orbiting the Moon

Can we see them?

Do you know someone who has?



The first page:


Consider this:
It is almost 50 years since 1969. Billions of US dollars have flown into diverse space agencies, and still do, yearly. We have not yet seen real time live footage of the whole, spinning Earth seen from space at a distance. We should have seen in situ photos & videos of swarms of orbiting satellites and debris. Where is factual documentation?


Consecutive Scroll:



The present discussion and questions about Earth’s true shape, if it is at all possible to know, and the characteristics of what we call the Universe, has now reached such momentum that it is impossible for an astrologer to ignore it. The 7 traditional ‘planets’ can under all circumstances be understood under different lights, but in this context, the outer ones can not.

I mention this only briefly here, because, though I consider myself informed, and see it, I have not had the time to reach a conclusion. In that vein, I must warn any new to this topic, that you must be prepared to spend many months, every day, if you venture into a study of the matter. Just ask those who already have done so.

Again, this unresolved Question is inescapable, and of course even more so for astrologers. I will therefore come here again and write more; this note is only to refer to it and say that I am aware of it.

Antarctica: A thing that nags me a bit, following the discourse, is that it seldom is said much unequivocally about the huge area beyond the South Pole as seen from Argentina, basically the land that still is unclaimed, and I guess the area referred to by Admiral Byrd. No ‘ski crosser’ has been there, not even close. It is also not much publicized that there are lesser known videos of large areas with breathtaking landscapes. It is surely not all snow and ice.

Update June 17, 2016: A parallel discussion is referred to at The Daily Bell. They have lately published several new articles with relevance to the above, and with reference to Antarctica, alleged space activities, and geopolitics – including questions about the large amounts of money involved.



The momentum is growing. It is safe to say that millions of people are now with fortitude watching this unfold, and sane people are continuously contributing with new material, as well as revisiting what still craves attention.

It is now unavoidable to realize that any of the large space agencies in several countries, with their alleged resources, can alleviate this suspense in less than a week. But they don’t. Why?

One trait is the cosmological, but our general trust in, and estimation of, the whole political-societal pretense & associated ‘media’ is waning rapidly. Don’t they care?

They obviously are adamant and do not the least take us into the consideration – the populations with cherished cultures and beliefs. (I am not talking about local policies here). The interests lie completely elsewhere, with crude hidden structures. Also, it seems that there is collusion between space agencies – more than competition. Like the rest of corporatism.

Astrology: This has strong, and potentially impending, relevance to astrology. It is peculiar how (most) astrologers are oblivious here, impervious and devoid of alertness. Do they think that they can still sit in closed chambers nurturing old vocational paradigms? If the Reality is not as we are taught, the typical astrologer of today will quickly extraneously be rendered extinct.

Can astrology have any meaningful impact in the outer world if lacking consequential ethics and keen understanding of political particulars? (Diluted popularized versions can be ignored.)

We live here, this is where we came. Now it is up to us to make it happen. It is imperative.



In a post at Friends of NASA, I made this comment, which I think sums it up:

Millions of people are now watching NASA’s activities with scrutiny, in ways that the agency may not be fully prepared for. The momentum is growing. There are unanswered and unresolved Questions. They are purely logical, inescapable, and not convoluted. They are tangible. There is no room today for pretense and prolonged diversions. We want Real Live Footage of the whole, spinning Earth seen from space at a distance. It’s that simple. With the alleged resources NASA could conclusively alleviate the suspense in less than a week. But they obviously do not intend to.


I was immediately deleted and banned the very same day.
Think for yourself.

There are admittedly startling, say stunning, images to be seen there – which are not so readily displayed in more critical circles, or among those with stale beliefs. We must be wide in our approach. Composites and CGI included.

With definite, defiant political and scientific dimensions, the decisive argument stands: We want to see orbiting satellites. We want to see the whole Earth hovering and spinning in Space – in real time.



NASA’s Friends – No Free Speech

Censored! – A nice red button!

Here is what happens if you dare, in the right place, to ask questions about NASA – in a critical tone, yes, but inoffensive and factual:

Friends of NASA
Logged in – Now also unable to find the site through the search field in Google+

Above is the exact wording of the comment I posted, which was promptly censored and removed the same day – I was blocked and excluded (who knows what else). Access denied. This was an ordinary Google+ post – one among many others when scrolling down. You might think it would drown in the crowd, but even then one single comment seems to be more than these people can fathom or bear. Their idiocy is lured out. I can still find them.

The exact post cannot be shown because of the other profiles there, but here is a copy where I have x-ed out names. Mine was the 12th comment – you can compare it with the allowed communication skills among NASA’s Friends’ and their ‘likes’ (bold):

Friends of NASA

Xxx Xxxxxxx’s profile photo +3 2d
Xxx Xxxxxxx
I see it very cool!

Xxx xxxx’s profile photo +2 2d
Xxx xxxx
Wow indeed

Xx Xxxxx’s profile photo 2d
Xx Xxxxx
I can see my house from here!

Xxxxxx Xxxxx’s profile photo +2 2d
Xxxxxx Xxxxx

Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx xx Xxxxx’s profile photo +3 1d
Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx xx Xxxxx
So so beautiful my Friend of NASA thanks goodbye!
Good morning
Day ★ 25 / 06 / 2016★

Xxxxx Xxxxx’s profile photo +3 1d
Xxxxx Xxxxx
This is truly awe-inspiring

Xxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxx’s profile photo +3 1d
Xxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxx

Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx’s profile photo +4 1d
Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx

Xxxx Xxxx’s profile photo +3 1d
Xxxx Xxxx
Wonderful view!

Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx’s profile photo +2 1d
Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx
Marvelous experience.

Xxx Xxxxxxxx’s profile photo +4 1d
Xxx Xxxxxxxx
Very good

(No new comments were added the next day. Two more ‘likes’)





A sequel to this post is now published as a separate entry in my Hub.


Has Jim Stone shot himself in the foot?

My interest in FE arguments stems from their relevance to my own craft, and I find them intriguing. Jim Stone, on the other hand, is very vocal against them. It is intentional that I don’t provide his newest site’s (searchable) link here – some of you will know why, others be warned.

My errand here is the screenshot below from some days ago, taken today. It is part of a context. I may have missed something, but now I wonder how that tallies with the FE core arguments regarding Westward vs. Eastward flights – airplanes, that is. And, I wonder where are the real in situ photos of all that orbiting junk.

If nothing else, this may be an opportunity to question his claims, overall.

Jim Stone versus Flat Earth



My answer to one who asked why I even care about FE:


Some of the points:

– Wide political implications
– There are unanswered Questions
– Vast amounts of public money implied, also black budgets
– Antarctica is the crux, in diverse ways
– A large number of people involved

Therefore, it cannot be ignored. I am a real Astrologer, and the topic is relevant. We do not fully understand the Reality we live in, and there are constructs and explanatory models by all parties.

What I have yet to see, is genuine response and coherent arguments as to the basic, valid questions raised by the FE’s. Other than that, I have long since left the divisive FE community as such behind me.



Quotes/Map: “Trans-Antarctic”, “across”, “opposite coast”
Not exactly?

2018: O’Brady’s and Rudd’s non-diametrical crossings can be added to the list.…/routes



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