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​I am not Norselark, but he is me. He is where I go to roam outside of my own territory. My identity is known elsewhere, through my other sites, but here I am only him. I have serious work to do, but also need to relax sometimes. Norselark is free not to concur – and he may even go and refer to, or repost, content that I might have been reluctant to endorse myself. No one is omniscient, so I see no reason why he cannot put topics out for discussion, as long as there is value and relevance – you can decide to what.

Norselark may want to publish when the arguments clearly could have been better, or even are nonsensical. That is what I like the best about him – that he is not too keen and stringent. He gets to the core and is effective, without contemplating too much, and he knows that the best would forever have postponed the good. He then allows me to go and edit his most blatant fails, afterward, hopefully before too late.

What we have in common, is that we are non-native in English, which I am sure will show, and we both like to read blog posts in several languages.

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